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Barista, the must have alternative to the traditional take-out cup.

Fill it up at home or take it to your favourite coffee shop. Magicup has patented anti-spill technology, bump into it - there is no slosh, knock it over - there is no spill, a revolutionary feature specifically designed for a mobile generation.

Magicup is open 360 degrees all of the time, allowing you to pick it up and drink from it in any orientation just like a normal open cup.

The traditional take-out cup has a slot, you cover that slot when you drink which means you do not get the benefit of the aroma. Up to 80% of what we taste is sensed with our nose, no aroma - no taste, it’s that simple! Magicup allows you to enjoy 100% of the aroma, 100% of the time, ensuring you get the full flavour of your chosen drink.